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TIA – Using furosemide to control ICP

Does Lasix work to control your ICP? Is it synergistic with mannitol? No. Oh, you want evidence? Fine… ech… Todd, M., Cutkomp, J., Brian, J. (2006). Influence of Mannitol and Furosemide, Alone and in Combination, on Brain Water Content after Fluid Percussion Injury Anesthesiology 105(6), 1176-1181.

TIA – Awareness under anesthesia

Our inaugural TIA! (mini-episodes reviewing a specific article) This one is is discussing an article that measured awareness under anesthesia – more common than you might expect… Sanders, R., Gaskell, A., Raz, A., Winders, J., Stevanovic, A., Rossaint, R., Boncyk, C., Defresne, A., Tran, G., Tasbihgou, S., Meier, S., Vlisides, P., Fardous, H., Hess, A., Bauer,…

Does dexamethasone worsen mortality in GBM?

Really? Decadron can worsen mortality in GBMs? This week Karl and I go over the evidence showing that steroids might not be the best thing for GBM patients. Specifically, it looks like dexamethasone might interfere with the effectiveness of chemo and radiation, leading to worse outcomes. Literature Referenced: Opinion paper that summarizes the argument against…